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We exist to give our students the opportunity to develop necessary critical thinking skills and content knowledge in the social sciences, to develop a high level of cooperation among students and to help students gain an understanding of problems around the globe.


Every student will understand historical, economic, social, geographic, political, psychological and other cultural factors to become active participants in a diverse and competitive world.


Wilson High School's History/Social Science Department is proud to offer a variety of courses from which students can choose.

Note: Some class options may be limited due to your student's pathway course of study. Detailed information can be found on each Pathway's page.

Class options include the following:

9th grade: AP Human Geography (required-WAVE); Intro to Law (required-LPS)

10th grade: Modern World History, Big History (BioMed), or AP World History; Intro to Social Justice (required-LPS)

11th grade: U.S. History or AP U.S. History; Criminal Justice and Law (required-LPS)

12th grade: Government & Economics or AP Government and Economics; Justice in America (required-LPS) 

Intro to Psychology & Sociology, AP Psychology, and Psychology Practicum are offered in 11th or 12th grade.


LBUSD History/Social Science Curriculum Office