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WAVE Wilson's Vision of Academic Excellence

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Pathway Description

WAVE is a multidisciplinary pathway for high achieving students.  WAVE students are cohorted within their English, History, Math, Science, and Capstone classes.  


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Entrance Criteria

  • Academic GPA of 3.7 from 6th, 7th and fall semester of 8th grade
  • ELA SBAC score of 2550+
  • Completion of Algebra 1 in 8th grade

Pathway Vision: WAVE scholars will serve as independent, analytical, and innovative citizens within the school and community

Pathway Mission: The WAVE program cultivates students who can demonstrate their credibility at the highest level of academia by providing a rigorous interdisciplinary college level curriculum that focuses on investigation, independent learning, and argumentation


Sample Schedule

Grade 9

  • English 1-2 Accelerated
  • Geometry Accelerated
  • Biology: The Living Earth
  • World Language 1-2
  • PE/Marching Band/Sport
  • Visual or Performing Art
  • Academic Elective

Grade 10

  • English 3-4 Accelerated
  • AP Modern World History
  • Algebra 2 Accelerated
  • Chemistry Honors
  • World Language 3-4
  • PE/Marching Band/Sport
  • Academic Elective 


Grade 11

  • AP Seminar
  • AP U.S. History
  • AP English Language
  • AP Pre-Calculus or Finite/Statistics/Trigonometry
  • Academic or Athletic Elective 2-3 recommended


Grade 12

  • AP Research
  • AP Government and AP Economics or Accelerated Government and Economics
  • AP English Literature or CSU ERWC 
  • AP Calculus or AP Statistics or Finite/Statistic/Trigonometry  
  • Academic or Athletic Elective 2-3 recommended 



Being in WAVE opens doors to a tight community where you work together with classmates to push yourself to your full potential, forming bonds through challenge, collaborations and support.

WAVE Pathway Slides

WAVE Presentation

Work-Based Learning

  • Career Exploration Activites
  • Guest Speakers



For More Information

Contact Joel Jelinowicz
(562) 433-0481 ext. 6850