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UCI Early Academic Outreach Program

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LBCC Upward Bound

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Welcome to the CCRC Resource Page!

Need help with career or college exploration, employment options, financial aid assistance and more?

The Wilson College and Career Readiness Center is your "one stop" shop for information on these topics and more.

Open nutrition, lunch, and after school--please come by!

Julie Givens, College and Career Specialist

(562) 433-0481, ext. 6914

Julie Givens

College and Career Specialist

Alexa Ara, College Adviser

(562) 433-0481, ext. 6103

To text only: (562) 512-6854

Jessica Garcia, College Adviser

(562) 433-0481, ext. 6803

To text only: (562) 379-2023

Mission Statement

To provide equal access to all students’ pursuit of career/college exploration and post-secondary options to ensure that all students are career and college ready citizens.

The Goals of Career Exploration Education

  1. Inspire and excite students about what they are studying in school.
  2. Connect students' educational  experiences to their real world experiences.
  3. Expose students to pathways that are relevant to their individual hopes and dreams.

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Wilson College and Career Center

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