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Student Health Services

Everyday Healthy Habits

1.  Wash your hands often.

2.  Wear your face mask (over your nose and mouth) when in public settings and when you're around people who don't live in your household.

3.  Stay 6 feet away from others.

4.  Stay home when you're sick.

You can make a difference....Slow the spread of COVID 19

Self Care Tips for High School Students

High school is an exciting time in your life, it can also be challenging at times.  It's important to make sure that you take time for yourself.  Here are some self care tips you can add to your daily life that can help ease anxiety that you might be feeling when trying to balance everything.

1.  Carve out time - This means to make time for yourself. Many activities below don't require a lot of time - some only take 15 -20 minutes.

2.  Meditation - Mindful meditation is a fabulous way to promote relaxation while reducing anxiety, depression and stress.  It can be learned in person with an expert or online (there are plenty of YouTube instructional videos or smartphone apps).

3.  Exercise - Exercise comes in many forms.  Explore an activity you enjoy. There's training for strength, endurance and aerobic activity (getting your heart beat up). Exercise not only gets you physically fit, but it can help with depression and anxiety.

4. Sleep - You need 8 - 10 hours every night.  Sleep deprivation is detrimental to a person's thinking and their physical and emotional state.  Try to have as regular a sleep schedule as possible.

5. Positive relationships - Meet and communicate with friends (virtually during the pandemic).  Positive group connections are important for fostering resiliency and well being.  It only takes a few special friends to make a difference.

6.  Do something for someone else - Participate in a school service club or help a family member with a project are examples of ways you can make a positive impact on another person's life.  

7.  Creative expression - Choose a creative outlet to convey your thoughts and feelings.  This could be journaling, writing  poetry, painting or drawing, doing photography, dancing or playing music.  

8.  Turn off your smart phone (at least for part of the day).  It's hard. You can take a break even for just part of the day.  There may be some withdrawal or anxiety about not being right there for you what you think is critical, but just stop and think.  How many texts, instagram stories, tik toks or other digital communications do you need to see immediately?  Very few! Once you try it, you may actually find it refreshing to have a break from the constant notifications.

In all times, we need ways to maintain our ability to cope.  Self care techniques can help prevent stress before it becomes overwhelming and are important for sustaining our equilibrium during difficult times.

Reference: Psychology Today, Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds.

Health Office Forms

Medications at school to be kept in the nurse's office - Completed by a physician and parent/guardian.

Medication at school form

Medication at school form (spanish)

Medication form - Student authorized to carry (asthma rescue inhaler, emergency allergy medication - Epinephrine pen) - Completed by a physician and parent/guardian.

Medication form - Authorized to carry 

School Nurse

Kristen Miranda, R.N.

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